Driving Force

Mystik by Roopali

Roopali, has been the visionary, who has firm belief in the power of nature and ever so transcendental ways of universe.

Our Philosophy

You deserve to live your best life

Mystik aims at enabling the customers to look inwards and reach a certain level of awakening where they do not require an outside force to guide them.
You are enough! That is the exact reason why you are born as a single soul and depart as a single soul too.
We spend our entire life figuring out our purpose and many a times we depart without even realizing our agenda. For the very sole reason, we aim at bringing all the tools and techniques under one roof so as to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

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Our Pillars

ABC of Mystik

Our Pillars are the strong foundation on which Mystik rests and from where the journey of transpiring the infinite possibilities begins.

Accept your current circumstances

Believe in your Potential

Change your life now!

Meditation Music

Silence your mind and focus on breathing

Close your eyes and feel your breath travelling through different body parts. Breathe in harmony and breathe out disbalance.


Packages According to Your Purpose

Services have been arranged in a package form that is customer-oriented and user-friendly.

INR 500/-
One-time payment
INR 1,100/-
One-time payment
INR 2,100/-
One-time payment

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Interpretation of Dreams

The angels send us signs and signals in our sleeping state too. Find out the meaning of your dream today!