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The door of enlightenment can be opened with the key that is rooted inside your chakras.

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When will I get career satisfaction?

Relationship Management

Untangle the tangled strings.

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Look at the bigger picture and plan life patterns accordingly.

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Design Your Life

Occult Science Developed for Mankind

Be it analysis of vedic Astrological Charts or seeking guidance from Archangels via Tarot card reading, be it Numerology or Vastu Shastra, Graphology or Physiognomy – all of these concepts are inter related. We, at Mystik, have firm belief and strong intentions of bringing all the above-mentioned tools on one platform.

Astronomical tools

From Access Consciousness To Zodiac Signs of Cosmos

Astrological Charts

Every planet tells a unique tale of its own. The nakshatras, the planetary positions, ascendant lord, mahadashas, divisional charts, etc – our team is proficient in giving the most accurate predictions.

Angel Numbers

The Universe is always communicating with us. Many of us see repeating numbers in the clock (11:11) or on the license plate of a vehicle, etc.


Every number has an unquestionable power. Why were you born on a certain date at a certain time? Mystik aims at bridging the gap between who you presently are and who you have the potential to be.

Graphology and Physiognomy

Our graphologists will help you to make wiser life decisions by closely examining your handwriting. Physiognomy is a fascinating technique, using which our professionals will give insights into anybody’s personality.

Professional Tarot Card Reading

Through this medium of cartomancy, Mystik aims at rebuilding the lost connection between Mother Earth and humans by revealing messages of the Angels for profound realizations and enlightenment of the soul.

Vastu Shastra

Like medicine is for healthy body, Vastu Shastra is for peaceful soul. We, at Mystik, in all our sincerity, believe that Vastu Shastra is an art of beautiful amalgamation of mind, body and soul.

Astrological express consultation

Gift Someone Express Consultation

Show your loved ones you really care for their well being by surprising them with a 30 minutes express consultation specially organised for them.

Choose a medium for the session

Other services


Palmistry is a language that uses lines and signs. Different hands, different stories. Aristotle said, “the hand is organ of organs, instrument of instruments.”
You may fix an appointment with us and get a reading done in no time!









Hear from our clients

A token of appreciation, the cause of our motivation


Talking to a stranger about my life’s serious issues was an extremely difficult decision for me but one of my friends suggested me to book an appointment with Roopali. And, I must admit that Roopali made me so comfortable that I completely forgot about my hesitations and felt relieved. Finally, I can see a silver lining after such deep dense clouds.
Thanks and all the Best!

– Identity Undisclosed

Ich muss sagen, dass Roopali ist sehr freundlich und hilfbar. Ich bin sehr gluecklich mit meinem Termin. Ihre Hilfe hat mir neuen Hoffnungen gegeben.
Es war eine wunderschoene Erfahrung! Auf wiedersehen!
Vielen Dank!

– Marija, Berlin
Extremely soothing advice and remarkable understanding of human mind. She has a unique way of interacting that touched my heart and that’s the only reason I sought to writing here.
Grateful for your guidance! Shall stay connected.
– Shivam, Italy

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